Beard and Mustache Shaving Bib

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Make Your Life Easier:  Hair catcher has been designed to give men an easy and mess-free way to groom their facial hair (such as beards, mustaches, sideburns, goatees etc.)

No More Mess:  If you like the look and feel of a groomed beard but hate the mess that comes along with it, look no further than the hair catcher. An affordable and easy way to ensure that your bathroom sink looks the same before and after your grooming session. No more sinks covered in hair!

No More Clogged Sinks:  No more washing hair down your sink and clogging it! Unclogging a sink can be time consuming and expensive. The hair catcher is an affordable way to ensure your sink stays not only clean but also unclogged. After your done with your grooming, simply unhook the apron form the suction cups and easily dispose of all loose hair into the garbage can.

Easy To Use:  Simply attach the straps around your neck using the velcro straps that are included. Secure the suction cups to your mirror or any flat surface in front of you. Attach the beard hair catcher to the suction cups. Begin with your normal grooming regimen and watch as the hair falls onto the beard hair catcher and not onto your sink. Easy to clean and reusable. One size fits all.

Product Material: Polyester
Product Size: 50 inches X 30 inches